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Understanding Our Faith & Our World

We promote Peace, Prosperity, Healthy Living, Poverty reduction and planet preservation. Help us to observe all things and rightly divide the word of truth!

Welcome to Healthy Living Ministries, a Non-Denominational online Ministry committed to supporting cell groups by sharing the Divine Prosperity Business Model. I am inspired to share this Divine revelation that brings hope to those faced with financial challenges.

We believe in God’s promise of prosperity. Our mission is to promote our faith and reduce poverty by teaching the Divine Prosperity Business Model. We believe financial blessings are in reach for those who are in need and are willing to learn and follow the business model at

We understand that human needs are similar, regardless of race, color or religion; most people have the basic desire to be happy and avoid suffering. We spend our lives working hard for fulfillment and have made progress, but we do better helping ourselves when helping others. This Divine revelation helps to reduce poverty and misery from our world while sharing the wealth.

Since the beginning of time, humans have worked hard to improve their external conditions to achieve happiness and find solutions for their problems. Unfortunately, human suffering continues to increase while happiness and peace decrease. This clearly shows that we need to find new solutions for this age-old problem in order to fulfill God’s promise to us.

Divine Promise, Protection and Instruction: Psalm 23 and Matthew 6: 9 - 13.

We are committed to bringing awareness to all types of Slavery, HOA-Land and Property Rights, Street and gate restriction, Homelessness, Injustice, corruption, misconduct, global warming, fraud, and oppressive business models.                                                                                                                                                  

Based on my experience, Pembroke Isles Home Owners Association (HOA) located at Pembroke Pines Florida is a type of institution that is fraudulent unhealthy and is a type of modern slavery. Pembroke Isles HOA denies me basic property rights, civil liberties, God’s promise of prosperity and the pursuit of happiness granted to me by the constitution, the bill of rights and the declaration of independence. This system can be used to promote racism, discrimination, organize crimes and legal crimes. These types of HOA exist for over 20 years kept as a secret. Many homeowners lost their homes or unable to pay their HOA monthly payments.   This HOA crisis is rarely addressed by the media or other groups.                  

Based on history.. worldwide... Land, when discovered, was taken from the natives. We are allowed to purchase land with homes, Lennar Homes the developer, the city of Pembroke Pines and the state of Florida gave us no unrestricted access to our homes. The question now is who approved the sale of land and homes with restricted access? Who can create newly approved business models? Our elected officials have the power to enact laws to create or approve business models. The Pembroke Isles HOA business model was created and was given to the HOA Board members with powers to make decisions for our basic services; sometimes we are given fraudulent violations; trespass warnings, restricting our movement with street and gate access. To control and oppress us, deplete our home’s equity our savings and powers to take our homes. My experience with my HOA is fraud, corruption, misconduct, misery and chronic stress resulting in 2 cancer surgeries and other stress-related illnesses!        

This HOA is enforced and protected by the Pembroke Pines police and the local courts. Some homeowners are suffering in silence. We are forced to pay mortgage payments for the clubhouse. We are maintaining the clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pools and all common areas without financial interest and sometimes personal use. Their legal argument is, we agreed to this business model. There is little or no legal recourse. History repeats itself! My brothers and sisters with faith, our world evolves with different types of Slavery, wars, and Oppression; if we do nothing, we will continue to lose our basic rights, civil liberties, property rights, and our families will not have unrestricted access to their homes. Please sign the petition below to bring awareness to this system.

My Message: My brothers and sisters with faith, I am inspired to share my experience with you. I spent most of my life perusing knowledge and understanding of my faith and our world. I was concerned about the information I received in regards to religion, faith and wealth. My question was and still is, why do some people have so much while others have so little? In my pursuit of wisdom, I faced many challenges. I almost crossed over due to illness and Home Owners Association restriction (HOA). I was selected as a target for persecution for bringing awareness to this HOA business model. My sense of purpose gave me courage, but I needed Divine intervention, a miracle. For more information, please visit

My faith gave me the will to continue and I gained many revelations including the Divine Prosperity Business Model.

The Divine Prosperity Business Model revealed to me that every home is a sanctuary and business, that can be used to reduce poverty, pay HOA fees, mortgages, student loans, car payments, retirement plans, and burdensome debt. We can retire early, allowing us time to do the things we love, strengthen our families, promote healthy communities and bring awareness to our daily challenges. Learn more about the Divine Prosperity Business Model at Get connected and start your journey to financial freedom today! My question was and still is, who is the owner of the Pembroke Isles Clubhouse?

I trust our faith will guide us, as we unite to promote the spirit of good, and the will to work for a common cause. Our goal is to make our world a better place for the present and future generation.

We respect and support our government and religious leaders, but also hold them to a high standard to work for the nation!

H. Morrison
Healthy Living Ministries

Please sign this petition and send the link to your friends and family to raise awareness to this system. Thank you. 


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